Graduate Program Overview

A seminary education is a unique experience.

As a graduate school, there is the same dedication to learning and academic rigor as other institutions offering advanced degrees. As a seminary, students have the opportunity to study topics not offered elsewhere, such as liturgy and moral theology.  The seminary academic experience is supplemented with structured pastoral assignments to better prepare graduates to minister to others.  This practical, in-field education is also integrated with personal and spiritual formation, ensuring graduates receive a comprehensive experience of learning and growth. 

To meet these various goals, Christ the King Seminary offers four graduate degrees:

Master of Divinity, Track I: A four-year, 115 credit hour program designed for Roman Catholic seminarians enrolled in the Program of Priestly Formation.

Master of Divinity, Track II: A three-year, 90 credit hour program available for those students seeking training in ministerial and liturgical leadership, but who are not enrolled in the Program of Priestly Formation.

Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry: A two-year, 42 credit hour program designed to prepare individuals for pastoral ministry.

Master of Arts in Theology: A two-year, 36 credit hour program which focuses primarily on an academic study of theology.

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