Buffalo, NY Catholic Higher Education

Bringing the word of God to others is more than just a profession. It is a calling. For those blessed people in the Buffalo area that feel that calling, Christ The King Seminary offers continuing education classes and graduate degrees in theological studies. These programs offer a greater insight into Christ and his word, allowing students enrolled in this Buffalo Catholic Graduate Program to become pastors or seminarians.

A Complete Catholic Graduate Education

Buffalo Christian Higher Educaiton

Students of Christ The King Seminary receive both in-class and field training in theological studies. In-class training includes courses focusing on theology, church history, ethics, morals, sacred scripture, pastoral skills, and spirituality. The field training portion of the curriculum allows students to get practice sharing the word of God with others outside the confines of the school environment. This real world experience helps students of Christ The King Seminary Catholic Graduate Program become better shepherds for the Catholic flock and to better understand their own relationship with God.

In fact, Christ The King Seminary offers as much support for students seeking to understand their spiritual relationship with God as they require. Students can engage in retreats, reflection seminars, assessments, and many other spiritual activities that are all designed to help them further explore their own spirituality. Every possible path towards learning is made available to students while they attend Christ The King Seminary.

Graduate Studies

For those truly devoted to spreading the word of God, Christ The King Seminary offers graduate level Catholic courses to complete a student's education. Four different tracks, ranging from a 1 year track to a 4 year track provide increasingly in-depth studies for Catholic students. Students who complete at least the 2 year track will end their education as a minister, pastor, or seminarian, fully certified to shepherd and minister to lay persons in the Catholic community. For Buffalo area Catholics and Christians who want to live a fulfilling life of sharing the word of the Lord with their fellows, Christ The King Seminary is the right path to that goal.

Catholic Graduate Program Overview

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