Christian Theological Seminary

The Diocese of Buffalo offers a comprehensive Christian Theological Seminary that provides students with meaningful knowledge and formative experiences to help prepare for fulfillment of a call to ministry. With emphasis on integrating the mission of Christ with real-life situations and practical information, the Christian Theological Seminary offers effective training for a wide range of pastoral assignments and theological placements. The call to theological education provides individuals with daily application of their commitment to service Christ and helping the least among us. This mission is of key importance to the Diocese of Buffalo and the seminary program is one of the most rigorous and personally enriching in the nation.

Students of the Christian Theological Seminary are often preparing for a calling at the head of a ministry, but Catholic higher education can serve many other purposes.
  • Catholic Graduate LibraryAdding a religious emphasis to existing areas of study including social work, administration or philosophy.
  • Providing an avenue for expansion of one's personal experience with Christ.
  • Offering additional training for individuals that work within the
     community to help support, educate and assist others in their relationships and life experiences.
  • Providing historical context for the existence of the Church and it's importance in the world, society at large and politics.

Catholic Graduate School LibraryThe Catholic Diocese of Buffalo ensures that students are equipped for the challenges that will confront them in ministries both locally and across the world. Successful graduates are prepared to contribute to their community and assist others in their spiritual journeys. Providing theological education is a cornerstone for continuing the advancement of the mission of Christ and the Christian Theological Seminary offers flexible programs for young people, working individuals and those seeking self-exploration or a second career. With a highly involved alumni and a multitude of prospective placements in both the local community and around the world, there is no better option for theological education that the Christian Theological Seminary through the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.

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