Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) program offers a general theological education with an accompanying emphasis on the development of ministerial skills through supervised internship.  Through full-time study, candidates may complete their degree requirements within a period of approximately two years. Part-time students must satisfy the requirements of the program within six years of the date of matriculation.  

The MAPM program has as its principal objective the provision of an integrated education in general theological studies, pastoral skills development, and supervised field experience.

Course Requirements

Students must complete forty-two (42) hours of course work according to the following distribution:

Foundational Theological Studies: 24 credit hours

  • 6 credit hours in Sacred Scripture
  • 12 credit hours in Dogmatic/Sacramental/Liturgical Theology
  • 3 credit hours in Moral Theology
  • 3 credit hours in Church History

Pastoral Studies: 18 credit hours
  • 3 credit hours in PS 543 Theology and Methodology of Christian Ministry
  • 3 credit hours in PS 843 Christian Ministry: Integrating Spirituality, Theology, and Ministry
  • 3 credit hours in a pastoral counseling course
  • 3 credit hours in elective courses
  • 6 credit hours in Theological Field Education, and participation in Theological Reflection Seminars associated with Field Education placements 

Buffalo Theological Pastoral Ministry Master Program

In selecting courses applicable to both the Foundational Theology and Pastoral Studies sections of their degree program, candidates must consult with an academic advisor who will assist the student in developing his/her program of studies. After consideration of the candidate's academic background and professional objectives, he/she may be required to choose from the following list of basic courses:

Sacred Scripture

SS 510 Scripture Methods and Pentateuch - required course
SS 519 Prophetic and Apocalyptic Literature
SS 617 Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark, and Luke
SS 717 Pauline Literature

Theological Pastoral Ministry Master ProgramSystematic Theology

SY 511 Foundations in Theology
SY 512 Liturgy: Life of the Church
SY 515 Sacraments and Parish Practice
SY 611 Christology SY 711 Theology of Church
SY 712 Sacraments in General: Baptism and Confirmation
SY 715 Eucharist
SY 743 Holy Orders
SY 812 Sacraments of Healing

Moral Theology

MO 607 Fundamental Moral Theology

Theological Field Education

Students in the MAPM earn six credits in field education in a placement over the course of one year.  PS 543 Theology and Methodology of Christian Ministry is a pre-requisite to theological field education.

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