Master of Divinity I

The Master of Divinity, Track I degree is designed for Roman Catholic seminarians enrolled in the Program of Priestly Formation.  The academic program requires the successful completion of one hundred and fifteen (115) graduate-level credit hours, earned according to the following distribution: one-hundred-and-twelve (112) credits in core courses; three (3) credits in free elective courses. The normal full-time course load ranges from 12 to 15 credits, with the maximum load set at 15 credits hours.

Courses in the Master of Divinity degree program are offered in a carefully balanced and sequential order. Each semester features a mixture of biblical, theological, and pastoral course offerings intended to promote an increasingly comprehensive appreciation of the Church's scriptural, doctrinal, liturgical, and ministerial traditions.

To be eligible for the Master of Divinity degree, students must fulfill all course requirements, maintain an overall Quality Point Average (QPA) of 2.0/4.0, successfully undertake comprehensive examinations, and submit for approval an in-depth research paper on a Theological Field Education project (Comprehensive Theological Reflection Paper).

Course Requirements

  • 18 credits in Sacred Scripture
  • 30 credit hours in Systematic Theology
  • 15  credit hours in Moral Theology
  • 9  credit hours in Church History
  • 21  credit hours in Pastoral Studies
  • 7  credit hours in Canon Law
  • 12  credit hours in Theological Field Education and Reflection Seminar
  • 3  credit hours in Free Electives


First Theology
Fall Semester
SS 510 Scripture Methods and Pentateuch (3)
SY 511 Foundations in Theology (3)
SY 512 Liturgy: Life of the Church (3)
HT 527 Church History I (3)
PS 500 Liturgical Practicum I (1)

Spring Semester
SS 519 Prophetic and Apocalyptic Literature (3)
MO 508 Spiritual Life: Tradition and Praxis (3)
HT 528 Church History II (3)
PS 543 Theology and Methodology of Christian Ministry (3)
PS 502 Homiletics I (3)

Second Theology
Fall Semester
SS 520 Wisdom Literature and Psalms (3)
SY 513 The Christian Doctrine of God (3)
MO 607 Fundamental Moral Theology (3)
PS 641A Theological Field Education (3)
PS 641B Reflection Seminar
PS 849 Pastoral Counseling (3)

Spring Semester
SS 617 Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark and Luke (3)
SY 611 Christology (3)
MO 608 Catholic Social Thought (3)
PS 642A Theological Field Education (3)
PS 642B Reflection Seminar
Elective (3)

Third Theology
Fall Semester
SS 717 Pauline Literature (3)
SY 713 Theology of Creation and Grace (3)
SY 712 Sacraments in General: Baptism and Confirmation (3)
PS 741A Theological Field Education (3)
PS 741B Reflection Seminar
PS 702 Homiletics II (3)

Spring Semester
SS 718 Johannine Literature (3)
SY 711 Theology of Church (3)
SY 715 Eucharist (3)
PS 742A Theological Field Education (3)
PS 742B Reflection Seminar
SY 743 Holy Orders (3)

Fourth Theology
Fall Semester
MO 807 Human Sexuality and the Sacrament of Marriage (3)
CL 835 Principles and Structures of Church Governance (3)
PS 810 Liturgical Practicum II (1)
PS 843 Christian Ministry (3)
Church History Elective (3)
MN 910 Comprehensive Theological Reflection Paper

Spring Semester
SY 812 Sacraments of Healing (3)
CL 836 Canonical Aspects of the Church's Sanctifying Mission (4)
MO 692 Bioethics (3)
PS 804 Transformative Leadership for the 21st Century (3)
PS 820 Liturgical Practicum III (1)
Comprehensive Examinations

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