Subject Bibliography - Canon Law

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XI-01   Canon Law Digest. Volumes 1--. Edited by T. Lincoln Bouscaren et al. (several publishers), 1934--. (BQV/212/.B68)

XI-02   Code of Canon Law, Latin-English edition. Washington D.C.: Canon Law Society of America, 1999. (Ref. BQV/1608/.E6/1999).

XI-03    Huels, John M. The Pastoral Companion: A Canon Law Handbook for Catholic Ministry. New Series 3rd Revised. Quincy IL: Franciscan Press, 2009. (Ref. BQV/218/.M28/P2/2009.)

XI-04    New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law. Edited by John P. Beal et al. New York: Paulist Press, 2000. (Ref. BQV/1614/.N48/2000) - also one copy in the circulating collection.


XI-05    Canon Law Abstracts.  Volumes 1--, 1958--.

XI-06    Jurist.  Volumes 1--, 1941--.

XI-07    Monitor Ecclesiasticus.  Volumes 75-128, 1950-2005.

XI-08    Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the CLSA.  Volumes 31--, 1969--.

XI-09    Studia Canonica.  Volumes 1--, 1967--.

XI-10    Code of Canon Law -

XI-11    Canon Law Society of America -

XI-12    Canon Law.Info -

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