Subject Bibliography - Church History

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C)           HANDBOOK

XII-12    Handbook of Church History. 10 volumes. Edited by Hubert Jedin & John Dolan. New York: Crossroad, 1965-1981. (Ref. BR/145.2/.J33)


D)          JOURNALS

XII-13    Catholic Historical Review.  Volumes 1--,  1915--.

XII-14    Church History.  Volumes 1--, 1932--.

XII-15    Crusades.Volumes 1--, 2002--.

XII-16    Journal of Ecclesiastical History.  Volumes 1--, 1950--.

XII-17    Sixteenth Century Journal.  Volumes 3 --, 1972--.


E)           WEBSITES

XII-18    American Society of Church History -

XII-19    American Catholic Historical Association -

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